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This natural and fast-acting oral supplement is formulated to aid in the relief of discomfort, stiffness, soreness, promote mobility, functionality and general wellness. Customers have also reported benefits of aiding in symptoms of colic and calming effects!

Ideal for use before or after a long day on the ranch or post-workout. Great to administer prior to farrier visits for horses with discomfort in their legs or difficulty placing weight on sore/injured legs and hooves.

Ingredients: MCT Oil (Tree Nut), Hemp Flavonoid Extract, Peppermint Extract.

Servings: Multi Dose = 20. Single Dose = 1.

Directions For Use:

Shake the single dose syringe or shake multidose bottle before drawing up the syringe. Then place the syringe at the base of the horse’s mouth and slide the syringe in and inject under the tongue.

*The dropper applicator and single dose syringe has measurement markers on it allowing for accuracy and flexibility for serving sizes.


Store at room temperature or may be stored in the refrigerator.

(This Product Contains ZERO THC & ZERO CANNABINOIDS)

(This Product Contains No Banned or Prohibited Substances)


A Certificate of Analysis for this product can be found on Equine Health Solutions COA page. This document will allow you to see which cannabinoids (by name and quantity as a percentage of total), are in the product. Please note that the CoA for the product you receive may be slightly different, as each product batch will have its own CoA. We do this to ensure transparency, consistency, and quality for our customers.

Equiflavin Equine Health Solutions

3 Milliliters
Price Options
One-time purchase
C$75.00every 3 weeks until canceled
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