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What our clients say

My Stella has chronic bronchitis. Has terrible coughing gagging fits. She also suffers with bad skin issues. I have had her for 3 sessions this week and today it has been about 24 hours since I have heard her cough. I have not given her her meds in 2 nights. To say I'm impressed is an understatement. She has one more session. Also a slight improvement in her skin.
I'm all about doing everything I can to keep my horses feeling good, and the fact that he wasn't out of breath at all was super. Love Equi-Salt! 

Ella Sherwood

Michelle L.

Highly recommend Equi-Salt Canada. After years of vet treatments for my dog Sadie's allergies with only a temporary fix finally Equi-Salt worked. Thank you!

Lyn Simmons

Manny has been tested and came up with sensitivity to just about anything you would consider as natural environment. The salt treatment has made such a positive change for him. There is no cure but a natural treatment for a good life is the very best.


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