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Our Equine Performance Plus Powder is designed to relieve discomfort as well as promote digestion health, mobility, and general wellness for horses in all stages of life. Easy to feed powder to your daily feeding regimen.


Ingredients: CBDa Hemp Pulp, Alfalfa.

Servings: 30.

Size: 2lb or 12.5lb

Directions For Use:

1 Scoop Daily. May give up to three times daily as needed. 100mg per scoop.

Store at room temperature.

(This Product Contains <0.3% THC)


A Certificate of Analysis for this product can be found on Equine Health Solutions COA page. This document will allow you to see which cannabinoids (by name and quantity as a percentage of total), are in the product. Please note that the CoA for the product you receive may be slightly different, as each product batch will have its own CoA. We do this to ensure transparency, consistency, and quality for our customers.

Equine Performance Plus Powder

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Performance Plus
C$42.50every month until canceled
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