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Welcome to Equi-Salt

Improving animal health with halotherapy

About Us

A mobile Salt Therapy service that conveniently comes to you

Equi-Salt is a unique mobile halotherapy business based in South Mountain, Ontario. We specialize in providing Halotherapy or Dry Salt Therapy for horses and companion animals. Our services extend to homes, events, and shows, covering mainly Eastern Ontario but also reaching across Canada. We focus on improving the overall health and respiratory efficiency of animals, promoting their well-being and cardiovascular performance, with an all-natural non-invasive method. Each case is tailored to the needs of the equine and companion animal. Equi-Salt is the only certified and insured Halotherapist serving the animal community in Canada. Browse our site to learn more about what we can do for your animal's health today.

Our Services


Halotherapy for Horses

All-Natural Option for Horses

Does your horse struggle with Allergies, Heaves, COPD, Lower or Upper Respiratory issues, or chronic cough. Maybe he's prone to sweet itch, rain rot, dermatitis, sarcodes, mud fever, or has an open wound that needs help with recovery? Halotherapy is an effective and all-natural sought-after alternative method. Our experienced therapist provides safe, effective treatments that every animal can rely on. Get in touch to book your Halotherapy session for your horse or companion animal today.

Halotherapy for Companion Animals

All-Natural Option for Companion Animals

If your pet suffers from allergies, ear infections, yeast problems, skin conditions, respiratory conditions, hot spots, or wounds, Halotherapy may help your pet.


Halotherapy may limit or eliminate the need for other medications, which means more money in your pocket!

Our Halotherapy sessions are focused on supporting the immune system to aid with  healing the whole animal rather than a specific condition, offering suitable treatment plans made for each animal.


Contact us today for an initial consultation and get one step closer to a healthier, happier animal.


In-Home Services

Events & Shows

We offer in-home services, as well as services at events and shows, to make it easier for your animal to enjoy the benefits of halotherapy. Book your appointment today.

Reviews & Feedback

I'm all about doing everything I can to keep my horses feeling good, and the fact that he wasn't out of breath (after our run) at all was super! Love Equi-Salt!

Ella S.

Ella Sherwood_edited.jpg
My Stella has chronic bronchitis. Has terrible coughing and gagging fits. She also suffers with bad skin issues. I have had her for 3 sessions this week and today it has been about 24 hours since I have heard her cough. I have not given her her meds in 2 nights. To say I'm impressed is an understatement. She has one more session. Also a slight improvement in her skin.

Michelle L.

Highly recommend Equi-Salt Canada. After years of vet treatments for my dog Sadie's allergies with only a temporary fix finally Equi-Salt worked. Thank you!

Lyn S. 

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